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2021-22 Athletic Clearance Information 5/31/2021

We have updated the Athletic Clearance instructions on our website to reflect what's new for the 2021-2022 school year, and we have some options for free and low-cost physicals and ECGs during the months of June and July.

The majority of the clearance process is identical for 2021-2022 as it was for the previous school year. All paperwork should be submitted online through the Home Campus Athletic Clearance system, which has an updated look and feel this year but is essentially the same as before.

The only new requirement for this year is an electrocardiogram (ECG). This screening must be completed once prior to participation regardless of whether you have played high school sports in the past, but unlike the rest of the physical, you do not need to repeat it each year once it is done unless your medical provider recommends it. You may complete this test at the same time as your physical if your medical provider offers it, or you may complete it separately.

We have provided detailed instructions on this website, which can be found under Forms/Docs > Athletic Clearance Information. These instructions have been updated to reflect the minor differences in the upgraded system this year.

There are only two forms you need to download, print, have signed/stamped the old fashioned way, and then upload into the Athletic Clearance System. These forms are attached to the bottom of the instructions on the Forms/Docs menu so that you can prepare them ahead of time, or they can also be downloaded from within the Athletic Clearance system:

  1. FHSAA Form EL2: Preparticipation Physical Evaluation (two pages, or three pages if you require a referral to a specialist)
  2. OCPS Electrocardiogram Report (which should be accompanied by a separate upload of your third party test results)

You may have your physical and ECG completed by any licensed medical professional, but we have several upcoming opportunities in June and July through OCPS and other community resources:

  • Thursday, June 10, from 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm in the Wekiva Gym. Cost: $20 for the physical and $20 for the ECG. All proceeds benefit Wekiva Sports Medicine. No registration required. In partnership with Orlando Health.
  • Saturday, June 26, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm at Jones High School. Free. Preregistration starts at 8:00 am. Limited to the first 800 OCPS athletes. Email your name, DOB, gender, ethnicity, and school to to preregister. Courtesy of Be a Player!
  • Several opportunities offered through Shepherd's Hope and Nemours Children's Health System for uninsured families. In addition to athletic clearance forms and ECGs, these events also offer school enrollment physical form DOH 3040, vision screenings, and hearing screenings. Free. Appointments required. Call 407-876-6699 Ext. 246.
    • June 16, July 15, July 21, and July 28 from 4 pm to 7 pm at West Orange Health Center, 455 9th St, Winter Garden 34787 (dental screenings also available at this location)
    • July 24 from 11 am to 2 pm at West Orange Health Center (dental screenings also available at this location)
    • June 23, July 13, July 20, and July 26 from 9 am to noon at Longwood Health Center, 600 N US 17-92 Ste 124, Longwood 32750
    • June 17, June 24, July 19, and July 29 from 4 pm to 7 pm at Longwood Health Center
    • June 22, July 12, July 20, and July 27 from 4 pm to 7 pm at Dr. Diebel, Jr. Memorial Health Center, 9833 E Colonial Dr, Orlando 32817
    • June 14, June 30, July 14, July 21, and July 28 from 5 pm to 8 pm at Downtown Health Center, 101 S Westmoreland Dr, Orlando 32805
    • June 14

In addition, you should be prepared to furnish scans or photographs of the following:

  • Birth Certificate to establish that you are an eligible age to participate in high school athletics and will remain so for the rest of your high school career. This is required the first time you submit a clearance and optional thereafter.
  • Proof of Insurance if you have it. If you do not have insurance, OCPS will provide insurance for you while participating in FHSAA-sanctioned sports during their official season. OCPS does not provide insurance for other activities or for off-season conditioning, but they partner with School Insurance of Florida to offer supplemental coverage at an affordable price.

You should also complete each of the three NFHS online courses required for student-athletes if you have not already done so, which are listed under the Forms/Docs menu. Please download a copy of each completion certificate and attach them to the Athletic Clearance where designated.

All other forms offer the ability to sign electronically by typing your name as part of the clearance wizard. You may download a copy for your reference if you wish, but you do not need to sign it, upload it, or bring a paper copy to the school.

Some non-traditional students may require additional forms, including the following situations:

  • Students who have previously attended another high school
  • Home, Charter, Private, Virtual, Alternative, or Special School Students
  • Youth Exchange Students, International Students, or Immigrant Students
  • Freshmen and Sophomores whose cumulative GPA has fallen below 2.0

Detailed instructions for what additional steps need to be completed in these scenarios can be found under Forms/Docs > Special Eligibility Situations.

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