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Football Practice Schedule 8/27/2020

Football practice will begin Monday through Friday from 3:30 to 5:30 beginning Monday, August 31, 2020.

We will send an update on the safety procedures for next week as soon as we get them from the district. To be eligible to participate, players must have a 2.0 GPA and be cleared through the new system:

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Next Game

Lakeland (@ Bryant Stadium)

Friday, October 30, 2020 at 7:30 pm

2-3 | D 1-0 | M 0-3

East River 46 - 7 (W)
Ocoee M 20 - 24 (L)
Edgewater D M Canceled
@ Dr. Phillips M 19 - 28 (L)
@ Jones M 41 - 42 (L)
@ South Lake D 50 - 0 (W)
Lakeland (@ Bryant Stadium)  
Apopka M  
D District Game
M Metro Game
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1Asaad Waseem5' 10"WRSo.
2Chad Davis, Jr.5' 9"RB, CBSr.
3Tekavion Purdy6' 1"WR, DBSr.
4Luther Johnson5' 10"LBSr.
5Aquilles Sumpter5' 10"DBSr.
6Antwon Johnson6' 0"DBSr.
7Johnny Chaney6' 2"LBSr.
8Kendall Wilson II5' 10"SS, OLBSr.
9Amari Thomas5' 8"RB, CBSr.
10Simeon Mckell6' 2"OLB, DESr.
11Junior Muratovic6' 3"QBSr.
12Harleeontai Reed5' 11"WRSr.
13Jalen Puttman RBSo.
14Nick Felix6' 0"FS, CBSr.
15RJ Bush5' 10"CB, FSSr.
16Noah Putnam WRSo.
17Isaiah Davis6' 3"WRSr.
18Elijah Rooney QBFr.
19Chris Reed6' 2"WRJr.
20Cedric Blair6' 2"OLB, DESr.
21Charles Vickers6' 0"LBSr.
22Tony Newsome6' 0"FSJr.
23Tamareon Foster5' 9"SJr.
24Justin Hutchinson WRSo.
25Giodanny Negron DTSo.
26Kamori Williams6' 0"CBSr.
27Jouvens Dalcima5' 10"S, LBJr.
28Jymon Coleman5' 6"ATHSr.
29Isaiah Anduze SJr.
31Kenny Laurore6' 1"CB, FSSr.
32Jordan Michaelis5' 7"RB, WRSr.
33Leveille Derilus5' 9"DTSr.
34Amir Carlyle KSr.
36Jaques McMiller DESr.
50Tariq Green5' 9"G, NGSr.
51Simeon Danner DL, OLJr.
52J.R. Harshman6' 0"T, CSr.
54Jakoby Lowery GSr.
55Myles Davis CSr.
60Pierre Warren OL, DLSr.
65Holly Saintmelus OL, DLSo.
75Marchenridge Alce OLSr.
78Gunter Williams6' 4"G, TSr.
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