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YouTube Subscribers and Watch Hours The chart above shows how much we have grown since our channel launched in August 2018. Our watch hours (gold) are have hit the 4,000 goal, but our subscriber count (maroon) still needs a little help!

YouTube Subscribers Needed! 4/7/2019

YouTube recently restricted channels with fewer than 1,000 subscribers from mobile live streaming to prevent abuse. Since live streaming is central to what we do, this comes as a disappointment to us, and we need your help to hit that goal!

Our channel has grown tremendously in its first year of existence, and we have nearly met the criteria to become a YouTube Partner Channel. We've hit the more difficult goal already (4,000 hours watched in less than 12 months), and we are already about 90% of the way to hitting the 1,000 subscriber goal. Now, we need to make sure that momentum doesn't stop. Earning 1,000 subscribers also makes us eligible to share revenue from the ads that run with our videos, and it opens up additional publishing tools.

If you have not already subscribed, please click the link below right now, and share it with all of your fellow Mustang fans, encouraging them to do the same. It's absolutely FREE and helps you to know when we have live and on-demand events available to watch, but the alerts are completely optional. You do not need to create an account specifically with YouTube. Signing into any Google service account (Gmail, Android, Drive, Photos, Maps, etc.) will allow you to subscribe.

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