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VB Basketball Lake Nona (Metro Hoops Fest Blue Consolation Semifinal @ Well Activity Center)  
VB Basketball Winter Park (Metro Hoops Fest Blue Consolation Final @ Well Activity Center)  
VG Basketball FL Prospects Thanksgiving Classic (thru 11/28) (@ Winter Haven)  
V Football Mitchell (FHSAA Region 7A-2 Semifinal)  
JVB Basketball @ Leesburg  
VB Soccer Int'l Community  
VB Basketball @ Leesburg  
VG Soccer Int'l Community  
JVG Basketball @ Jones  
VG Basketball @ Jones  
FRB Basketball Freedom  
JVB Basketball Freedom  
VB Basketball Freedom  
VG Basketball Atlantic Canceled
JVB Basketball @ Haines City  
JVG Basketball @ Timber Creek  
JVB Soccer Circle Christian  
VB Basketball @ Haines City  
VG Basketball @ Timber Creek  
VB Soccer Circle Christian  
FRB Basketball @ Colonial  
JVB Basketball @ Colonial  
JVG Soccer @ Dr. Phillips  
VB Basketball @ Colonial  
VG Soccer @ Dr. Phillips  
JVB Soccer @ West Orange  
VG Basketball West Oaks  
VB Soccer @ West Orange  
JVB Basketball @ Evans  
VG Basketball @ Evans  
JVG Soccer @ Eustis  
VB Basketball @ Evans  
VG Soccer @ Eustis  
JVG Basketball Colonial  
VG Basketball Colonial  
FRB Basketball @ Windermere  
VG Basketball @ Olympia  
JVB Basketball @ Windermere  
JVG Basketball @ Olympia Canceled
JVB Soccer @ Windermere  
JVG Soccer Apopka  
VB Basketball @ Windermere  
VB Soccer @ Windermere  
VG Soccer Apopka  
FRB Basketball Apopka  
JVG Basketball @ Dr. Phillips  
JVB Basketball Apopka  
JVB Soccer Apopka  
VG Basketball @ Dr. Phillips  
VB Basketball Apopka  
VB Soccer Apopka  
JVB Basketball @ Pine Ridge  
JVG Soccer @ Bartow  
VB Basketball @ Pine Ridge  
VG Soccer @ Bartow  
VG Basketball FL Prospects Holiday Classic (thru 12/30) (@ Central FL Christian)  
FRB Basketball Edgewater  
JVB Basketball Edgewater  
VB Soccer @ Deltona  
JVG Soccer Lake Brantley  
VB Basketball Edgewater  
VG Soccer Lake Brantley  
JVB Basketball @ Forest  
JVG Basketball Spruce Creek  
JVG Soccer @ Windermere  
VB Basketball @ Forest D  
VG Basketball Spruce Creek  
VG Soccer @ Windermere  
VB Soccer Jones  
JVB Basketball West Orange  
VG Basketball West Orange  
JVG Soccer @ East Ridge  
VB Basketball West Orange  
VG Soccer @ East Ridge  
JVB Soccer @ Evans  
JVG Soccer West Orange  
VB Soccer @ Evans  
VG Soccer West Orange  
FRB Basketball @ Dr. Phillips  
JVB Basketball @ Dr. Phillips  
JVG Basketball @ Windermere Prep  
VB Basketball @ Dr. Phillips  
VG Basketball Windermere  
FRB Basketball @ Lake Nona  
JVB Basketball @ Lake Nona  
VG Soccer Evans  
JVB Soccer @ Colonial  
VB Basketball @ Lake Nona  
VB Soccer @ Colonial  
VG Basketball Montverde  
FRB Basketball Olympia  
JVB Basketball Olympia  
JVB Soccer Poinciana  
JVG Soccer @ University (Orlando)  
VB Basketball Olympia  
VB Soccer Poinciana  
VG Soccer @ University (Orlando)  
JVG Basketball Oak Ridge (Old School Jam Classic)  
VG Basketball Oak Ridge (Old School Jam Classic)  
JVB Basketball Jones  
VG Soccer Senior Night Ceremony  
JVB Soccer @ Dr. Phillips  
VG Soccer Foundation  
VB Basketball Jones  
VB Soccer @ Dr. Phillips  
FRB Basketball @ Cypress Creek  
JVB Basketball @ Cypress Creek  
VB Basketball @ Cypress Creek  
JVG Basketball @ Ocoee  
JVB Soccer @ Olympia  
JVG Soccer @ Lake Minneola  
VG Basketball @ Ocoee  
VB Soccer @ Olympia  
VG Soccer @ Lake Minneola  
FRB Basketball Ocoee  
JVB Basketball Ocoee  
VB Basketball Ocoee  
JVG Basketball @ Apopka  
VG Basketball @ Apopka  
JVB Soccer @ University (Orlando)  
VG Basketball Calvary Christian  
VB Soccer @ University (Orlando)  
FRB Basketball @ University (Orlando) Canceled
JVB Basketball @ University (Orlando)  
VG Soccer @ Oviedo  
VB Basketball @ University (Orlando)  
JVG Basketball Lake Minneola  
VG Basketball Senior Night Ceremony  
VG Basketball Lake Minneola  
FRB Basketball @ Apopka  
JVB Basketball @ Apopka  
VB Basketball @ Apopka  
VG Soccer FHSAA District 6A-4 Tournament (thru 2/5)  
VG Basketball FHSAA District 6A-4 Tournament (thru 2/5) @ Wekiva  
JVB Basketball Hagerty  
VB Basketball Senior Night  
VB Basketball Hagerty