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VG Basketball Colonial (Preseason Classic @ Wekiva)  
JVB Soccer Lake Minneola  
JVG Soccer Lake Minneola  
VB Soccer Lake Minneola  
VG Soccer Lake Minneola  
VG Soccer Tavares  
JVG Basketball @ Lake Minneola  
VG Soccer @ Forest Lake  
JVB Soccer Olympia  
VB Basketball Lyman (Preseason Classic @ Wekiva)  
VG Basketball @ Lake Minneola  
VB Soccer Olympia  
JVB Soccer Ocoee  
VB Soccer Ocoee  
JVG Soccer @ Apopka  
VB Basketball Lake Brantley (Preseason Classic @ Wekiva)  
VG Soccer @ Apopka  
VB Soccer @ Lake Mary Prep  
VG Basketball Lake Highland Prep  
VB Basketball Master's Academy (Metro vs. FL Challenge @ Apopka)  
VG Basketball FL Prospects Thanksgiving Classic (@ Dr. Phillips)  
JVB Basketball Forest  
VG Soccer @ Lake Mary Prep  
VB Basketball Forest D  
JVG Basketball Olympia  
VG Soccer @ Cornerstone  
VG Basketball Olympia  
FRB Basketball Colonial  
JVB Basketball Colonial  
VG Soccer @ Evans  
JVB Soccer @ Apopka  
VB Basketball Colonial  
VB Soccer @ Apopka  
JVB Soccer @ Forest Lake  
VB Wrestling Evans, Lake Howell  
VB Soccer @ Forest Lake  
JVG Basketball Windermere  
VG Basketball Windermere  
VB Wrestling Clash of the Titans (@ Univ. Orange City)  
JVG Basketball Boone  
JVB Basketball Boone  
VG Basketball Boone  
VB Basketball Boone  
JVB Basketball Leesburg  
JVB Soccer @ Windermere  
VB Basketball Leesburg  
VB Soccer @ Windermere  
JVG Basketball Jones  
JVG Soccer @ Windermere  
VG Basketball Jones  
VG Soccer @ Windermere  
VG Wrestling Apopka, Cypress Creek, Dr. Phillips, Freedom, Olympia, West Orange  
JVB Wrestling Cypress Creek, Freedom, Olympia, West Orange, Windermere  
VB Soccer Dr. Phillips (@ NW Rec Complex)  
FRB Basketball @ Edgewater  
JVG Basketball @ West Orange  
JVB Basketball @ Edgewater  
VG Soccer Dr. Phillips (@ NW Rec Complex)  
VG Basketball @ West Orange  
VB Basketball @ Edgewater  
FRB Basketball University (Orlando)  
JVB Basketball University (Orlando)  
JVB Soccer @ Evans  
VB Basketball University (Orlando)  
VB Soccer @ Evans  
VB Wrestling Panther Invitational (@ Dr. Phillips)  
VG Basketball @ Spruce Creek  
JVB Soccer @ Oak Ridge  
JVG Soccer @ Edgewater  
VB Soccer @ Oak Ridge  
VG Soccer @ Edgewater D  
FRB Basketball @ Windermere  
JVG Basketball @ Edgewater  
JVB Basketball @ Windermere  
JVG Soccer @ Cypress Creek  
VG Basketball @ Edgewater  
VB Basketball @ Windermere  
VG Soccer @ Cypress Creek  
JVB Soccer @ Edgewater  
VB Soccer @ Edgewater D  
JVB Soccer @ St. Cloud  
JVG Soccer @ Osceola  
VG Basketball @ Fr. Lopez  
VB Soccer @ St. Cloud  
VG Soccer @ Osceola  
VB Wrestling KSA Holiday Duals (thru 12/21) (@ OC Convention Center)  
FRB Basketball @ Apopka  
JVB Basketball @ Apopka  
VB Basketball @ Apopka  
VG Basketball FL Prospects Holiday Classic @ Wekiva (thru 12/28)  
FRB Basketball @ West Orange  
JVB Basketball @ West Orange  
VB Basketball @ West Orange  
JVG Soccer @ Olympia  
VG Soccer @ Olympia  
FRB Basketball @ Jones  
JVG Basketball Dr. Phillips  
JVB Basketball @ Jones  
JVB Soccer @ West Orange  
VG Basketball Dr. Phillips  
VB Basketball @ Jones  
VB Soccer @ West Orange  
VG Soccer @ First Acad.  
VB Soccer @ First Acad.  
JVB Basketball Evans  
VG Basketball Evans  
VG Soccer @ Orangewood  
JVB Soccer @ Poinciana  
VB Basketball Evans  
VB Soccer @ Poinciana  
VG Basketball @ Mainland D  
VB Basketball @ Mainland D  
VB Wrestling FHSAA District 3A-3 Duals (@ Windermere)  
VB Soccer Forest Lake (@ NW Rec Complex)  
VB Wrestling @ Apopka D  
FRB Basketball Dr. Phillips  
JVB Basketball Dr. Phillips  
JVG Soccer @ West Orange  
VB Basketball Dr. Phillips  
VG Soccer @ West Orange  
JVB Basketball Haines City  
VG Basketball Montverde  
VB Basketball Haines City  
VG Wrestling Apopka, Dr. Phillips, Evans, Oak Ridge, University (Orlando)  
JVB Wrestling Dr. Phillips, Evans, Lake Brantley, Oak Ridge  
VB Soccer @ Jones  
VG Soccer @ Jones  
VG Basketball Grandview Prep. (MVP Sports MLK Classic @ Dr. Krop)  
JVG Soccer @ Lake Brantley  
VG Soccer @ Lake Brantley  
VG Basketball Blanche Ely (MVP Sports MLK Classic @ Dr. Krop)  
VB Wrestling Michael P. Hutchins Tournament (@ Bishop Moore)  
FRB Basketball Cypress Creek  
JVB Basketball Cypress Creek  
VG Soccer @ Foundation  
VB Basketball Cypress Creek  
JVG Basketball Timber Creek  
JVB Basketball @ Ridge Community  
VB Soccer Deltona (Senior Night @ NW Rec Complex)  
VG Basketball Timber Creek  
VB Basketball @ Ridge Community  
FRB Basketball @ Olympia  
JVB Basketball @ Olympia  
VG Soccer Celebration (Senior Night @ NW Rec Complex)  
VB Basketball @ Olympia  
VB Wrestling Bulldog Invitational (@ DeLand)  
VG Basketball Plant (Think Pink Classic @ Carrollwood)  
VB Soccer FHSAA District 6A-4 Tournament (thru 1/31) (@ Lake Howell)  
VG Soccer FHSAA District 6A-4 Tournament (thru 1/31) (@ Lyman)  
JVG Basketball Apopka  
VG Basketball Apopka  
JVB Basketball Orl Christian Prep  
VB Basketball Orl Christian Prep  
VB Wrestling Dr. Phillips, Olympia, Winter Park  
JVG Basketball Ocoee  
VG Basketball Ocoee (Senior Night)  
JVB Basketball Apopka  
VB Basketball Apopka  
VG Basketball Cypress Creek (@ Rollins College)  
JVB Basketball @ Ocoee  
VB Basketball @ Ocoee  
VG Basketball FHSAA District 6A-4 Tournament (thru 2/7) (@ New Smyrna Beach)  
VB Wrestling Orlando Metro Conference Championships (@ Freedom)  
JVB Basketball Lake Nona  
VB Basketball Lake Nona (Senior Night)  
VG Lacrosse @ Orangewood  
VG Lacrosse @ Lake Brantley D  
VB Wrestling FHSAA District 3A-3 Individual Championships (@ West Orange)  
VG Lacrosse @ South Lake  
VG Lacrosse @ Evans  
VG Lacrosse @ Edgewater  
VG Lacrosse @ Lake Mary Prep  
VB Wrestling FHSAA Region 3A-1 Championships (thru 2/29) (@ Flagler Palm Coast)  
VB Wrestling FHSAA 3A State Championships (thru 3/7) (@ Heritage Park)  
VG Lacrosse @ Boone  
VG Lacrosse @ Jones  
VG Lacrosse @ First Acad.  
VG Lacrosse Windermere D  
VG Lacrosse @ Ocoee D  
VG Lacrosse Apopka D  
VG Lacrosse West Orange D  
VG Lacrosse Lake Minneola (Senior Night)  
VG Lacrosse @ Dr. Phillips