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No future games are scheduled for the selected team in this school year.

0-6 | M 0-4

Edgewater M (@ Festival Park) 0 - 5 (L)
Apopka M (@ NW Rec Complex) 0 - 5 (L)
Lake Brantley (@ Merrill Park) 0 - 5 (L)
Freedom D (@ Game Point) Canceled
Boone (@ Riplay Beach Sports) 0 - 5 (L)
West Orange M (@ Game Point) 0 - 5 (L)
Horizon M (@ Game Point) 0 - 5 (L)
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1Sarai McFadden5' 7"Fr.
2Litzy Delgado5' 5"So.
3Ashley Blanco5' 3"Jr.
8Danella Torres5' 1"Jr.
9Isxa Martinez5' 6"So.
10Briana Beaton5' 7"So.
 Alisha Joseph5' 2"Fr.
Heather LorenzHead Coach
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