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Coach Williams suffered a stroke on December 29, 2023 while vacationing in the Dominican Republic. (Beverly Gadson)

Coach Williams in Physical Rehab after Suffering Stroke 1/2/2024

Mustang family, we have learned that Coach Williams suffered a stroke December 29 while vacationing in the Dominican Republic. While he initially received medical care from local hospitals, they were not equipped to provide the emergency neurological care he required. His family had him airlifted to an appropriately equipped hospital in the U.S., and he has since been transferred to a long term facility for rehabilitation and further evaluation. If you are able to support this effort, please visit:


Coach Williams has been transferred from the hospital to a long term care facility for further rehabilitation and evaluation. While it will be a few months before we have a clear prognosis, the fact that he no longer requires inpatient hospitalization is certainly encouraging news!


Coach Williams' family has shared with us the great news that he is off the ventilator and is breathing on his own. He has also been cleared of pneumonia. He is responding to pain stimulus on all limbs and is officially considered in stable condition, which has allowed him to be released from the intensive care unit. He also started physical therapy earlier this week. While he remains hospitalized and has a long recovery road ahead, this latest update is incredibly encouraging. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.


Greetings, Community, Friends, and Family!

Thank you again for your continued support and prayers. We are appreciative of the organizations who have volunteered to help Markeith and his family by planning fundraisers throughout the community. Regarding his medical state, he is still in critical condition, but he is showing signs of progress. He has a very long road to recovery. We will remain prayerful and positive as we take this journey with him. We'll keep providing as many updates as we can. Again, we thank you!

The Williams Family



We are grateful to share the news that Coach Williams, also known to us as Mark, has at last made his way back home!

We appreciate all of your kind thoughts, calls, texts, and general desire to assist us in developing a well-thought-out plan to bring him home. As his critical care team works to evaluate and create his care plan, we sincerely hope that you would all understand that we still need your prayers, support, and patience. Again, thank you for all that you have done and continue to do.

The Williams Family


Dear Family, Friends, and Community:

We express our deepest gratitude for the support and prayers extended to Markeith. Today, we share the news that Markeith exhibited eye movement to the sound of his daughter's voicemails, including his son and best friend’s voice.

Though his condition remains critical, and he remains on a ventilator, he is displaying positive signs by making efforts to breathe independently. This development is encouraging and indicates his determination to overcome this challenging situation.

As previously expressed, our primary objective is to safely expedite Markeith's return home, surrounded by the support of our family, friends, and caring community. Your continued thoughts, prayers, and support are deeply appreciated during this difficult time.

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